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Breaking Taboos in Zanzibar

Donning brightly coloured kangas and headscarves, several women take their place around a large, bright room, furrowing their brows as they tune their instruments. Vibrant laughter, the quivering sound of the violin, the rhythmic thumps of the percussion and the hypnotic hum of a female voice chaotically compete with each other, until the appearance of Mariam Hamdani in the doorway brings the cacophony to a halt.


That time I let myself be taken captive -because I didn't want to be rude

Every woman knows the delicate dance of standing up to pushy men while not coming off as “that bitch.” When I traveled solo in Iran, that mental dance became a nightmare.

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Kenya's High Priestess of Graffiti

Known to her fans as a high priestess of graffiti, Nancy ‘Chela’ Chelagat Cherwon is one of Kenya’s few female street artists. Despite resistance from her family, she earns a living from her skills and is challenging stereotypes around street art


Malawi’s Lake Of Stars Festival Returns To Its Roots

An eclectic mix of live music and DJs, palm-fringed white beaches, cold beer, hammocks, and some of the best stargazing in the world: can anything sound more appealing? These are only a few of the things drawing an ever-increasing number of music lovers to Malawi’s biggest music event, Lake of Stars.


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Ethiopia's Simien Mountains: Trekking On The Roof Of The World

Hiking the Simien Mountains is a world-class experience which offers stunning views of awe-inspiring jagged peaks and sharp precipices, as well as the chance to spot some endemic wildlife such as the rare Ethiopian wolf and the elusive Walia Ibex. Challenging enough for most hillwalkers, this trek can be enjoyed by people with different levels of experience and fitness.


When less is more

 Eateries in Nairobi’s Westlands area come a dime a dozen, usually housed in clubs with loud music and sticky floors, serving kebabs and chips to late-night revelers. But only a few minutes up the road lies Juniper Kitchen, a newly opened spot that takes patrons a world away from the typical offerings of the neon light–lined Electric Avenue.